On Wednesday the 17th 2013 a group of players decided to create a group of "unofficial helpers" dedicated to moderate the forums and help other players.

Initialized was this by "Dragon legend Nick" and got soon some followers. The admin AgtCooper supports this idea and stated that the Administration of MightyMonsters is always glad to see dedicated players and a helpful and friendly community.

A huge argument and discussion about Season 8 and the reward monsters which transformed the forums in an unhealthy and unwelcoming environment lead to this decision by the players.

We all hope to make this game a better place.

And now a list of all the unofficial helpers with their names and (optional) their area of knowledge and the language you can communicate with them. You can contact them ingame via their message walls, via PM or via the forums.

Best wishes, good luck and have fun! Yours Kieselchen

Helpers List

Name Field Language
Kieselchen Basic Questions, Wiki german (native), english (foreign: good)
cool as ice
Ray, legend of shadows
Nman PvP questions english (native)

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