Starburst tile
Burning bright and strong, Starburst is one mighty phoenix!
Monster Info
Name Starburst
Element Fire
Rarity Legendary
Evolves From Spirit
Evolves Into None

Starburst is a Fire type monster of the Legendary rarity.

Starburst is visually represented by a huge multi-colored phoenix with wings spread

Starburst is the final evolution of Sparrax


Born with

Ignite III:

Hits an enemy monster with Fire damage


Nova Blast:

Raises your monster's defence for 3 turns


Target is burned for 3 turns doing Fire damage


Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage

Can be Found

This Monster can be found on the following islands

Capturing Emmie

The first time you defeat a Starburst in the wild (not PVP), it will drop a Phoenix Down. This is one of the three items you need to activate the platform in Glacial Grounds in order to battle Emmie


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