Limited Time Monsters

This is a list of limited time monsters that are no longer obtainable in the wild (although there are rumors you can get them from eggs via Monster Slots

X-mas 2011

  • On December 23, 2011 5 Christmas themed monsters were released.

Top left(Puffy)Top Right(Krangus)Bottom Left(Boogey)Bottom Right(The Grouch)

One monster is missing in this photo - Gingabear.

Along with the monsters

diamonds, gems, and potions were given. None

of the monsters are able to evolve, and were only available

to be caught for 2 weeks.

Chinese New Year

  • On January 20, 2012 The year of the Dragon themed monster was released.
3 b caopy


Gomie's release gave players diamonds, potions, and gems.

He was available only for 2 weeks as well. Unlike the Christmas monsters, Gomie was the first holiday monster that is able to be evolved. Gongfu is Gomei's evolution.

3 b copy


Valentines Day

  • On February 1, 2012 A Valentine's day themed monster released.
Teddy 1 copy

Cubbles was released with some potions and diamonds.

He is the first holiday monster to have a full monster evolution list Cubbles,

Huggles, and Red Bearon. Like previous holiday monsters, he was availible for about 2 weeks.

Teddy 2 copy

Teddy 3

Red Bearon

April Fools

  • On March 31, 2012 a new type of first monster was introduced, but was not catchable

Ducker if anyone has a screenshot plz sumbit

Many of the players in the game had a reason to belive this monster

was in fact an April Fools joke. The design of Ducker was a drawn duck wich also had the background of a drawing. It is of legendary rarity. Ducker can be fought still if you type in the redeem codes section "Quack". For picture please check comments section.


  • On April 2, 2012 another non-catchable monster easter themed monster.

Bunder need replacemnt Born

You faced off with final evolution Bunderstruck. Even though the monster

was not catchable, coins were given along with an egg. This introduced

whole easter egg surpise to the game. Once the egg hatched you get a Bunder.

The only way to catch this monster was to face it once again in the arena

hoping an egg would be dropped.

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