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'Even baby steps from Rhono have been know to cause avalanches a mile away'
Monster Info
Name Rhono
Element Rock
Rarity Legendary
Evolves From Rumble
Evolves Into None

Rhono is a Rock Monster of the Legendary rarity, and is the final evolution of Rolo.

Rhono is visually represented by a huge spiked rhinoceros.


Born with

Rock Attack lll- hits an enemy monster with Rock damage


Cataclysm- chance on hit: disables target. 10 hr, 3000 gold

Inpenetrable Ore- Raises your monsters defence for three turns. 10 hr, 3000 gold

Pummel- Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage. 10hr, 3000 gold

Can be Found

This Monster can be found on the following islands


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