Monster Info
Name Carniferous
Element Plant
Rarity Ultra
Evolves From None
Evolves Into None

Carniferous is a Plant Monster of the Ultra variety. It revives at level 29.

Carniferous can be obtained by reviving a Fossil. Reviving the Plant Fossil requires:

  • Prehistoric Claw (complete all 12 Islands on Normal; if you have already done this, complete Radiant Rift again)
  • Ancient Flora (Capture 3 Monsters of each type**)
  • Petrified Plate (complete Far Out Forest on Hard)
  • Elemental Dust x15 (dig up around the islands)
  • Gene Sample x15 (dig up around the islands)
  • Primordial Ooze x2 (dig up around the islands)

 **Note: This means you must capture 3 Etnas (only captureable Dark monster)


Born with

Leaf Shot II



Fungal Growth

Combo Hit

Needle Shake

Fungus Frenzy (lvl 30)

Power Punch (lvl 30)

Leaf Shot III (lvl 30)

Vine Traps (lvl 30)


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