Moltus is a fire Monster of the Legendary rarity.

Moltus is visually represented as a giant orange dragon with flames all around him.

Moltus was available to Grandmasters in season 16.

There is someone weird with a Hydra Icon that would like a Moltus or she will kill everyone.

Roast III- Hits an enemy monster with Fire damage

Pyroblast- Target burns for 3 turns doing Fire damage. 10 hr, 3000 gold

Roundhouse- Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage. 10 hr, 3000 gold

Nova Blast- Raises your monsters defence for 3 turns. 10 hr, 3000 gold

This monster cannot be tamed and is a reward for PVP play at the arena





Monster Info
Name Moltus
Element Fire
Rarity Legendary
Evolves From None
Evolves Into None

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