Missions are a unique way of allowing a monster to gain Experience without being directly involved in battle.

While not nearly as efficient as Battling monsters in the wild, Missions do play their part in helping keep other monsters moving up in levels.

Each level tier (1-9, 10-29, and 30-49) has its own set of missions and rewards.

Below are the tiers, the time it takes to complete the mission, the COST of going on the mission, and the XP it yields

Levels 1-9


Take a swim in Blissful Bay
4 Hours - 100gold - 50xp

Treasure Hunt

Search for hidden treasure in Captain's Cove
8 Hours - 200gold - 100xp

Magma Mayhem

Find faults in Volcano Valley
10 Hours - 300gold - 150xp

Levels 10-29


Conjure new spells in Magic Meadow
4 Hours - 400gold - 200xp

Tomb Raiding

Discover the pharaoh's secrets in Puzzling Pyramid
8 Hours - 600gold - 300xp


Reach the peak of Steepy Slopes
10 Hours - 800gold - 400xp

Levels 30-49

Ghost Busting

Capture wayward ghosts in Wild Woods
4 Hours - 800gold - 400xp

Jungle Hunt

Assist tribe members in Jumbled Jungle
8 Hours - 1200gold - 600xp


Train young monsters in the Arena
10 Hours - 1600gold - 800xp

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