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Monster Info
Name Trikeratos
Element Light
Rarity Epic
Evolves From None
Evolves Into None

Trikeratos is a Light Monster of the Epic rarity.

Trikeratos can be obtained by reviving a Fossil. Reviving it requires the following:

  • Illuminated Coupling x1 (Capture 15 monsters)
  • Gilded Mantle x1 (Finish Captain's Cove on normal)
  • Sacred Horns (random drop in Captain's Cove on normal)
  • Elemental Dust x20 (dig up around the islands)
  • Gene Sample x5 (dig up around the islands)


Born with


Wave Blast I



Light Splash

Combo Hit (Lv. 15)

Wave Blast II (Lv. 15)

Light Spear (Lv. 15)

Power Punch (Lv. 30)

Wave Blast III (Lv. 30)

Nova Swipe (Lv. 30)


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