Taming gem
Far Out Forest
Taming gem
Farout forest card

Far Out Forest is the first of the Quest Islands you encounter

Like all islands, There is a Normal, Hard, and Heroic Mode


You will find the following monsters : (Incomplete?)

Blurm Cubbles Floura Grit Ping
Ekko Tuska Primouse Runter Slugugg
Stumply Tadley Trix Trutts Volt
Tortuff Rathode Spora Vultrix Soildrant
Stegamorphus Punkoff Pribbet
Riator Camundo Star







Far Out Forest Contains a minimum of 6 screens.

Within those screens you will find

  • 2 Clashes
    • 1x2 Clash
    • 1x3 Clash
  • 8 Monster Battles
    • 6 Mandatory Battles
    • 2 Optional Battles
  • 7 Clearable Bushes
    • 2 Mandatory Bushes
    • 5 Optional Bushes
  • 6 Treasure Chests

Screen by Screen Detail

Screen 1

FoF All

Far Out Forest

Contains an unavoidable clash with Allison, one optional clearable bush and 1 optional Treasure Chest.

The clash with Allison involves battling 2 Normal monsters - Cheeoo and Ekko. Like all Clash battles, neither of Allison's monsters are tameable.

Screen 2

Contains one battle, one clearable bush, one optional battle, and one treasure chest

Screen 3

Contains two Battles, one optional clearable bush and one treasure chest

Screen 4

Contains one Battle, one clearable bush, two optional clearable bushes, one optional battle and two treasure chests

Screen 5

Contains two Battles, one optional clearable bush and one treasure chest

Screen 6

Contains one Clash with the end boss, Kyle. Kyle has 3 Plant monsters - Pico, Camo, and Curly. Like all Clash battles, none of Kyle's monsters are tameable

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