Emmie tile
Monster Info
Name Emmie
Element Normal
Rarity Epic
Evolves From None
Evolves Into Terrement, Firement or Aquament

Emmie is a Normal Monster of the Epic rarity, and is one of only 3 Monsters with 3 evolutionary paths. the others being Aurora and Paws.

Emmie is visually represented by a small pink and blue translucent alien.

Emmie, like most Normal monsters can choose evolutionary paths at level 15 - either Terrement if you prefer Plant, Firement if you prefer Fire, or Aquament for Water.

Note that while all 2nd stage forms of Emmie are Ultra, and all 3rd stage forms are Legendary, you can only catch 1 Emmie and there is only 1 other Legendary Plant monster...

Capturing Emmie

Capturing Emmie is a 3 part process. Unlocking, Collecting, and Engaging.

The unlocking stage requires that you beat the main quest on Normal, and every quest on hard on 3 islands, unlocking Heroic mode. Blissful Bay, Coral Crest, and Magic Meadowmust have heroic mode available.

To collect the items needed, you will need to defeat a Torrent on Blissful Bay - Heroic to obtain an Essence of the Deep, a Starburst on Coral Crest - Heroic to obtain a Phoenix Down, and a Dannaboras on Magic Meadow - Heroic to obtain a Sap of the Woods. You will not see the needed item drop, but it will show in your inventory on the Itemsscreen.

Emmie is engaged when you bring the three items to the platform screen in Glacial Grounds. The fight starts automatically, and you cannot avoid it.

Once captured you will not be able to face Emmie again. You may safely flee from battle and face Emmie again.

If you defeat Emmie in battle, you go to the previous screen, and may try to capture Emmie again.

Since Emmie is a Base Epic Monster, your maximum chance of capture with a Taming Gem is 15%. it is ill-advised to face Emmie with less than 30 gems in your inventory.


Born with


Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage



Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage

Can be Found

This monster can be found on the following islands