Ekko tile
In the darkest night sky, Ekko still finds his way into battle!
Monster Info
Name Ekko
Element Normal
Rarity Rare
Evolves From None
Evolves Into Chibat or Batblende

Ekko is a Normal Monster of the Rare rarity

Ekko is visually represented by a small purple bat,

Ekko, like most Normal monsters can choose evolutionary paths at level 15 - either Chibat if you prefer Poison, or Batblende for Rock. Note that Batblende's evolutionary path skips Epic and yields a Legendary Monster at Stage 3, Goregoyle. Ekko is one of only four Base Rare Monsters to result in a Legendary, the others being Aurora, Landblubbrr, and Snaggle.


Born with


Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage



Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage

Can be Found

This monster can be found on the following islands


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