Eggs in Mighty Monsters are obtained through either prize games, or in-app purchases with Diamonds

There are two types of eggs, but all eggs share some similar qualities.

All Eggs are gathered outside of normal questing, all eggs take 2 hours to hatch, and all eggs are hatched using one of your training slots.

Monster Eggs

Monster Eggs are purchased either individually (Not to my knowledge), or as part of an offer with Diamonds via the in-game Menu (generally with extra Tokens and a piece of Equipment. They will always yield the Monster their egg is named for.

Rarity Eggs

Rarity Eggs are won playing Monster Slots and can yield any Monster of that Base Rarity, including previous Seasonal Monsters you might have missed out on.

Epic Eggs

Can yield any Base Epic Monster in the game (possibly excepting the new PVP only monsters).

Rare Eggs

Can yield any Base Rare Monster in the game.

Common Eggs

Can yield any Base Common Monster in the game.

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