Taming gem
Taming gem

After you have chosen your starter monster, you will begin your journey, flying across the mighty monster world finishing quests, missions, discovering new monsters, and defeating some treacherous foes.

Taming gem
Special Islands
Taming gem

Two Islands differ from the others. The Arena Island and the Training Grounds.

In the Arena you can fight against other Players and gain honor as well as special rewards like Diamonds and Monsters.

On the Training Grounds you can train your Monster abilities, send them on Missions, evolve them into higher stages or hatch eggs you got as rewards.

Arena card
Training card
Taming gem
Quest Islands
Taming gem

Islands are mostly your goal to the game, there are three modes for each island, normal hard or heroic, to unlock the next difficulty finish all the quests the mode you are on. Each island has 2 or more cpu trainers you must beat to move on. You must beat islands to move on to next one but you dont need to finish all the modes just finish normal. Happy Questing!

Farout forest card
Blissfull bay card
Steepy slopes card
Puzzling pyramid card
Coral crest card
Wild woods card
Volcano valley card
Magic meadow card
Captains cove card
Jumbled jungle card
Glacial grounds card
Radiant rift card

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