Each Arena Season players with a high enough ranking will be rewarded with a Monster specifically for this Season. After the end of the Season the Monster is no longer available. The players have to be at least ranked "Hero" or higher to get the Monster.

All Arena Season Reward Monster have the Legendary Rarity.

Every Season there are two Monsters from different Elements.

Rank 1 to 50 Rank 1 to 600
Wyrmafrost Floralisk
Wyrmafrost detail Floralisk detail
Element: Ice Element: Plant
Arena: Season 1 Arena: Season 1
Marr Psythe
Marr detail Psythe detail
Element: Dark Element: Light
Arena: Season 2 Arena: Season 2
Cyberus Chu
Cyberus detail
Element: Electric Element: Plant
Arena: Season 3 Arena: Season 3
Archimedes Nosferocious
Archimedes detail Nosferocious detail
Element: Magic Element: Poison
Arena: Season 4 Arena: Season 4
Sparkatus Mantiroar
Sparkatus detail Mantiroar detail
Element: Electric Element: Dark
Arena: Season 5 Arena: Season 5
Pyromantis Triton
Pyromantis detail
Element: Fire Element: Water
Arena: Season 6 Arena: Season 6
Lightwing Viceberg
Lightwing detail Viceberg detail
Element: Light Element: Ice
Arena: Season 7 Arena: Season 7
Floralisk Wyrmafrost
Floralisk detail Wyrmafrost detail
Element: Plant Element: Ice
Arena: Season 8 Arena: Season 8
Aeropain Stalagmight
150px 150px
Element: Flying Element: Rock
Arena: Season 9 Arena: Season 9


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