Taming gem
Blissful Bay
Taming gem
Blissfull bay card

Blissful Bay is the second of the Quest Islands you encounter

It is locked prior to the completion of the main quest of Far Out Forest

Like all islands, There is a Normal, Hard, and Heroic Mode


You will find the following monsters : (Incomplete?)

Incredibull Runter Blurm Tide Ping
Pincer Sprout Pirrot Pea Penngrince
Mako Rolo Randit Dino Clipflop
Wave Bandot Prawler Kingpenn Indestructibull
Steepea Blossom Stinger
Emperot Invincibull Pranger Rhono Torrent
Vinetime Krimpea







Blissful Bay has a minimum of 11 screens, as well as one optional screen.

Within those screens you will find

  • 4 Clashes
    • 2x2 Clash
    • 2x3 Clash
  • 17 Monster Battles
    • 9 Mandatory Battles
    • 8 Optional Battles
  • 19 Clearable Sandcastles
    • 8 Mandatory Sandcastles
    • 11 Optional Sandcastles
  • 12 Treasure Chests

Screen by Screen Detail

BB All

Blissful Bay

Screen 1

Contains an unavoidable clash with Robert, one optional clearable sandcastle and 1 treasure chest.

The clash with Robert involves battling 2 monsters - Pincer (W) and Pirru (A). Like all Clash battles, neither of Robert's monsters are tameable.

Screen 2

Contains 3 battles, all of which must be completed to open the door to the next screen.

Screen 3

Contains 2 sandcastles, and 1 battle, as well as 2 optional sandcastles, 1 optional battle and 1 treasure chest.

Screen 4

Contains only a clash with Mandy.

The clash with Mandy involves battling 2 monsters - Stumply (A) and Drillbit (R).

Screen 5

Contains 1 sandcastle and one battle, as well 2 optional sandcastles, 2 optional battles, and 2 treasure chests

Screen 6

Contains 3 battles, all of which must be completed to open the door to the next screen.

Screen 7

Contains 2 sandcastles and one battle, as well as 1 optional sandcastle, 1 optional battle, and 2 treasure chests

Screen 8

Contains a clash with Kitty, as well as one optional clearable to a bonus screen containing 2 treasure chests and 2 muds to dig

The clash with Kitty involves battling 3 monsters - Pea (F), Dino (N) and Ritto (I).

Screen 9

Contains 2 sandcastles, as well as an optinoal sandcastle, two optional battles, and two treasure chests

Screen 10

Contains two paths, from which you can choose. Path 1 will go around the top of the screen and have 3 sandcastles, 2 optional battles, and superflous sandcastle. Path 2 goes around the bottom, and contains 1 sandcastle, 1 battle, 1 optional battle, and 3 superflous sandcastles.

Screen 11

Contains only your final clash with Tyrel

The clash with Tyrel involves battling 3 monsters - Pebbie (R), Gulper (R), and Spyra (Poison).

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