Taming gem
Taming gem


Each Monster has 4 Ability Slots. For each evolutionary Stage of a Monster the Trainer can choose between:

  • a normal attack
  • an elemental attack
  • an offensive attack (with a special effect)
  • a defensive ability

The normal attack makes normal damage and is the Trainers backup when he has to fight against a strong elemental opponent which he cannot counterattack with another element.

The elemental attack makes damage based on the Monsters element and therefore can be either strong or weak against the opponent.

The offensive attack makes damage based on the Monsters element and additional has a chance to trigger an effect like disable, daze or stun.

The defensive ability is not an attack but will help to increase the Monsters resistance or dodge chance or similar.

The most common used abilities are a combination of the highest possible offensive attack (since it makes elemental damage as the elemental attack but with a bonus) and the highest possible normal attack (as backup). Very few Trainers train the elemental attack or the defensive ability. As for now the highest possible rank is rank 3 as their are 3 stages of a Monsters evolution.

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